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HTS Limited is focused on emerging markets with targeted investments and collaborations in telecom, infrastructure and media sectors. We provide and deliver investments in challenging environments where our operational engagement ensures wealth and asset enhancement for us and our partners

Our Philosophy

Our “can do approach” delivers success. If we have the resources and capability to deliver “what needs to happen for success”, we engage with the right partners to make it happen. We always operate with “minimal dependencies”. Capital and resource adequacy with comfortable margins is ensured with “absolute commitment” and “no compromise on the end game”.

Telecom – Operations & Infrastructure


Telecom & media has remained at the core of our business engagements. HTS Limited has long-standing business relationships and presence in respective areas of interest. We have successfully identified opportunities well in advance of market offerings for maximum returns. Our business strategy has remained consistent over the years. We invest on equal footing with our local partners to fuel aggressive growth. As markets move towards maturity, we liquidate our local equity positioning while still maintaining business relationship on the global plane. Our partners are transparently aware of our business objectives and continue to derive maximum benefit of our partnership at all times.

Media – Present & Future


Over the last decade, HTS Limited identified the opportunity provided by the emergence of alternate/digital platforms becoming available for media and content transmission along with disappearance of physical boundaries restrictions. We made strategic investments in indentified media operations destined for global readership / viewership.



Where HTS is a consistently evolving entity going from strength to strength, we will keep you up to date with articles we have found interesting and relevant.

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